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BCT Engineering & Consulting
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BCT Construction Architecture Engineering Consultancy Tourism Agriculture Green-house Cultivation Inc. Company, Established in 2004, continues to maintain a growing trend in terms of its services and annual turnover. Company was founded in Sanlıurfa in 2004 and spread its offices to all over the country in the past years in order to keep up with the de-mand from engineering consulting service sector in the field of construction. BCT is currently operating in 20 provinces in Eastern and south eastern of Turkey and is located in 7 regional offices.Company started its activities in construction supervision field with mass housing construction along with creating so-cial living spaces in service to state and state related institu-tions. Mass housing projects provide substantial employment in almost all economic fields while instigating social and eco-nomic development in less developed regions of Turkey.In addition to creating substantial employment, BCT En-gineering Consultancy Inc. contributes to national economy through paid taxes. Having increased its volume of work and capacity in a very limited time, company currently extends services ranging from construction of mass housing projects to education-health and security structures, from road and highway construction to infrastructure and landscaping.Moving ahead from the mainstay principle that nature and human are most important resources, our company contin-ues to maintain a growing trend without concession from its values based on honesty and sensitivity to social and human values, while improving its technical and professional capac-ity on daily basis.

Company’s success of delivering projects complete and accurate before due dates is acknowledged by our clients. We have obtained full customer satisfaction with a modern, honest, uninterrupted and successful business past in recent years, while embarking on principles that prompt importing cutting edge technologies into our sector. The goal is to com-plete prominent structures in all over Turkey in order to move our company that we have established as a regional one in 2004 into the third millennium on strong foundations.

We would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to those institutions and organizations who have trusted us to realize their projects and to our employees who brougHT us to current days.

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