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  • Technical & Economic Controlling
Technical & Economic Controlling

A sustainable technical concept is a prerequisite for economical buildings. This requires inter-disciplinary planning of building design, the envelope and the building services equipment always with an eye to economical operation.

To ensure that this is achieved, we check that planning meets functional, quality and economic requirements and, if necessary, initiate reworking of plans.

As a firststep, we put your ideas and requirements into functional and economical requirement profiles so called planning specifications

Planners work to these specificationsand the planning outcomes are measured against them.

We check adherence of design and building services equipment concepts to the planning specifications,and, if necessary, manage optimization.

During the execution planning and invitation to tender phases, we use the Second Opinion principle to monitor the adherence of the optimized concepts to our own control calculations and draw on our own expertise and experience from numerous projects.

During the execution phase our emphasis is on assuring quality and functionality through qualifiedmonitoring or, in the case of especially big and complex projects, through technical project management.

All this means that you can be sure to get what you thought you were getting on schedule and within budget.

Troubleshooting during the planning, tendering and implementation phases drastically reduces the number and impact of building defects and thus improves quality as well as schedule and cost stability. This ensures that instead of commissioning a building site, you commission a fully functional, economical and ecofriendly building.

  • Project Consulting
Project Consulting

Project Audit and Controlling

Construction, technical installations and outdoor facilities to ensure compliance with the quality requirements of the design development phase control is of great importance. In this context, our project consultancy services,

  • Survey Drawing,
  • Dimensional Drawing,
  • Implementation Projects (Architectural, Structural, Mechanical,  Electrical, Garden Landscaping Projects),
  • Detail Projects,
  • Infrastructure Projects (sewer, storm water, Garden  Irrigation, Drainage, Landscaping  Projects, etc.),
  • Metering, Discovery, Technical  Specification, Draft Contract, preparation of tender dossiers,
  • Project Coordination.

The content includes the preparation of the project work, the technical features and details of the administrative and technical  specifications in accordance with the work program.

Projects for building Survey

  • Site plan showing  status of all blocks,
  • The creation of drawing deliverables,
  • Situation  of  heating  centre,  heat  ducts, gas lines, underground  fire tanks, fire fighting systems, water storage and water supply lines, sewerlines in accordance with the tender specifications out of the blocks in the layout plan,
  • City status  of network connections and wastewater  treatment  plants  (whether  or not adequate, compliance with environmental requirements)
  • Surface water, rain water, groundwater and rainwater drainages and land disposal projects for rain water,
  • Entrance and exit roads to the settlements,
  • Deployment  of Car paths, parking places and pedestrian routes,
  • Situation  of Green  areas, landscape areas  and Children’s play parks,
  • Building entrances pavement situations,
  • Power transmission lines (underground – above  ground),
  • Environment lighting projects,
  • Status  of the block energy connections,
  • Existing   topographic  structure    of   the land, road, building entrance ribs and all existing structures, corner  coordinates (XYZ) and  shows the status of all the structures in all the land and building survey with contour  curves  and  dimensional drawings  which are supported by pictures or  videos  are  prepared. During  these   transactions, the institution of the relevant administration bodies in coordination with the  Contracting  Authority and  the Project  Coordination  of all correspondence will be provided  in time.

Survey for Existing Blocks

  • The situation  of building entrance elevations, entire facade coatings (plaster,  paint, windows, woodwork interiors, windowsills, etc. other coatings) and  the existing situations  specified  in these  layouts.
  • The current situation of the size of blocks, their heights,  the situation of roof elevations,  type of roof covering and  roof (wood or steel  roof), is indicated  in these  layouts,
  • The current situation of Basements (flooring wall coverings,  window door positions),
  • The current situation of shelters,
  • Shows   the  species  of  Ladder   bucket, wall, floor, ceiling coverings,  stair steps,
  • Shows  the  dimensions and  types  of all the wall – floor – ceiling tiles, window, door situations, walk – in closet – coat hangers, etc. of all the room walls in the Apartment,
  • Situation of types  and  dimensions of all WC coatings,
  • Position  of  the  current  electricity power of the  blocks  (wiring, junction boxes, outlet and switch)
  • WC – shower  – kitchen  quarters,  all the sewage and water expenses in all blocks,
  • Survey plans for weak current in the phone – TV installations  are prepared.
  • Building survey is drawn if there are situations of natural gas.
  • Designing  the  situations  of kitchen  cabinets, etc.

As mentioned above, the scope of the project and implementation of projects in all building surveying projects, which are required for:

  • Building survey dimensional  drawings,
  • Architectural building survey
  • Mechanical building survey
  • Electrical building survey
  • Infrastructure building survey

is prepared and submitted for approval to the administration or to the client.

2.1.3 Architectural Drawings

I. Architectural Application – Detail Projects

A. Application Site Plan

  • According to the current situation of dimensional drawings that survey plans expelled, replacement of the districts or the productions at the end of life according to today’s conditions,
  • Demonstration projects with the most economical technical solutions prepared by the Administration and the land status changes that are desired or required in conjunction with (roads, parking and  green space  walkways, retaining walls, embracing, heat sinks, heat centres, water treatment, sewage, storm water, drinking water installations states) applications are processed on the dimensional drawing layout plan.

II. Architectural and Detailed Projects

Floor plans  (basement, ground  floor,  normal floor,  top floor) will be  drawn. All aspects of wall sections will be projected at 1/50 scale, and submitted to the Administration. In addition, all materials that will be used to explore the way the administration wants to be the basis for projects inline with stated. Type sections are shown in these productions situations. In addition, the blocks will be used within the scope of projects in detail all the attractions and productions based on system details, including all locations. Design projects are prepared with the following details:

  • Kitchen worktops and cupboards projects and details,
  • Walkin closet projects and details,
  • Cloakroom projects and details,,
  • Ladder  bucket   (ladder  covering,  wall- floor-to-ceiling manufacturing) projects and details,
  • The entrance  gate – gate spoiler projects and details
  • Internal door  wings  and  frames  projects and details,
  • Window details,
  • The roof and chimney  details,
  • Iron works and railing manufacturing  projects and details,
  • Wet floor details,
  • Wall covering details,
  • Ceiling covering details,
  • Floor covering details.

All the above projects in detail will be dimensioned  according  to the specifications, and both detail and demonstration projects will be  prepared.

2.1.4 Construction Project

Static projects are controlled by expert civil engineer project auditor compliance with laws, regulations and the standards, taking into account geotechnical survey reports, structural system selection, architecture, and compatibility with static project column system. Selection of Structural System.

  • Compatibility with architectural and static project column system,
  • Compliance of floor plans in architectural projects with plans in static projects,
  • Compatibility with architectural and static projects both in total and axle dimensions,
  • The  presence of vertical carrier structural element in the building extending along more than one fold,
  • Suitability of Calculation program and account data entered in accordance with this type of analysis,
  • Carrier system design  in compliance with seismic behaviour,
  • Selection  of the height of the building and delivery systems according to at least one of that permitted by the Regulation of earthquake zone,
  • The combination  of loads  of the building and the main area of the centre of gravity to be studied,
  • Dilatation of the  building  against  the  effects of expansion joints are required to be separated etc. Details of the selection of the carrier system are controlled by our expert Static Control engineer. Submission of Accounts

At the beginning of static analysis, a report describing the presence of the following items and convincing nature of the comments is checked by our expert civil engineer

  • System selection
  • Material selection
  • Analysis acceptance
  • Modelling criteria
  • Standards  and regulations
  • Pattern schematic plans of floors

In addition, the presence of the title page with general information about construction, the existence of the account information prelims showing the contents of accounts. Outcomes of the account involves all the base and top of the structure and accounts, as described below, transmission of loads in a row according to the hierarchy and must be arranged in a way understandable:

  • Calculation for floors and stairs
  • Static and dynamic analysis
  • Account of beams
  • Account of columns
  • Account of Foundations
  • Account of Retaining walls
  • Account of special elements

All technical checks related to structural Analysis, cross section calculations, drawings, foundations, floor plans, column and pitches, stairs, special cases, frequently encountered dropouts are carried out by an expert static control engineer.

2.1.5 Electrical Infrastructure Projects

Survey drawings of electrical projects  for floor plans, current flow charts and specifications of materials to be used, to be appropriate for the exploration and metering (colon cables, sorties, switch  sockets, floor boards,  boxed  sets  energy connections), prepared again as application projects according to new technologies of today’s circumstances and submitted for approval to the Administration. In addition, weak current projects, telephone,  TV and telecom projects are prepared in coordination with related institutions by following the approvals of projects prepared and submitted for approval to the Administration.

2.1.6 Mechanical Plumbing Projects

All floor plans, flowchart cross  sections based on application and survey projects of sanitary, heating and natural gas for all common blocks are reprojected upon request by the Administration according  to technical  specifications by taking exploration and metering into account. After taking confirmation from relevant institutions and organizations application projects prepared and submitted for approval to the Administration.

2.1.7 Infrastructure Application Projects

Following implementation projects  are prepared in accordance with environmental survey prepared projects of infrastructure

  • Heating  centre  status,  changes and  implementation project,
  • Treatment plant,
  • Heat channels,
  • Environmental, irrigation and  fire fighting system projects,
  • Water tank application projects,
  • Storm water Projects,
  • Sewerage projects,
  • Road, car parking projects, 
  • Landscape implementation projects,
  • Electricity infrastructure projects  (energy supply, environmental lighting, etc.),
  • Natural Gas Projects,
  • Drainage, Retaining implementation projects,

With the permission of the relevant administration main application projects are prepared based on exploration.

All of these services are carried out according to the principles set out by “Special Administrative and Technical Specifications”. Any defect  encountered during the project planning promptly investigated by us and if there is any ; submitted to the administration and necessary action is taken to remedy the defect immediately. Consultant prepares and submits detailed reports to the Administration including arising defects, errors, defects  or deficiencies and  their associated costs, and the elimination period.

2.1.8 Project Revision

In order to ensure services such as; all kinds of revision additional and similar plans, projects, calculations etc., during the course of work required by the Contracting Authority and to deliver them in desired format in coordination with Administration.

  • Construction Consulting
Construction Consulting

Construction Audit and Supervision Services

  • Establishment  of offices and serving functional operation for the construction site close monitoring of the work site accordance with the contract and specifications
  • Ensuring the  preparation of the  Contractor’s construction site layouts and the establishment of plant construction site; For this temporary facilities The contractor offers a general layout on site and Consultant controls; access to these plant sites, temporary structures, facilities, storage areas, service roads, parking areas and whether it is appropriate in relation to their respective functions and permanent jobs will not affect each other, as far as possible,
  • Manufacturing site  based on  the  dimensional drawing, zoning status, and site plan of all the placements are controlled,
  • If necessary defining the material quarries and demolition dump site,
  • Coordinate the work force In coordination with the Contractor in accordance with the work program, make the necessary arrangements for the efficient use of labour capacity,
  • To  provide  The  Contractor agrees   technical personnel to be found at work and change insufficient ones  if necessary,
  • Arrange and follow-up Contractor’s site records, and provide daily processing and signed, by the parties related to production per day, general supplies, workers, crew and equipment status,
  • Checks the  implementation  of  the  program  in the  field of occupational safety will be applied by requesting  it from the Contractor (Periodic meetings and programs on this topic include workers trained on job security). Provide for its workers’ health-related doctor’s office.
  • Provide to make  faulty manufacturing  by pretending to be very careful during inspection and taking the necessary measurements duringcritical, irreversible phases of construction  (Application of foundation, concrete casting, and so on.)
  • Contractorreceives  approval of all materials used in manufacturing; without the approval material cannot be used in manufacturing, progress payments made and immediately removed from the site.
  • Provide to make  the  final checks  before starting the manufacturing of implementation projects and ensure the realization of all productions according to the project in accordance with the rules of the technique and science,
  • Monthly reports of merit-regulated by type of work completed during the month; to ensure to have the necessary documents, pictures and protocols determined by the format of the administration during all progress payments,
  • To   place   safety   guidance,  information sheets and instructions to appropriate places, and ensure that at the same standards of construction and to make inspections to ensure continuity in this regard,
  • To ensure  that temporary facilities (dormitories, dining halls, and so on.) established on site is clean, well-maintained and hygienic
  • Control the Contractor whether it have sufficient machinery and equipment and the adequacy of their capacity to carry out timely and accurate job according to the work program and If necessary warn and ensure by technical proposals,
  • Control incoming  and outgoing  materials to the construction site and provide the required amount of materials for execution of the work,
  • Ensure to do tests of all kinds of plumbing and electrical installations and provide to take necessary approvals from institutions and organizations
  • If necessary prepare the documents and signature them for all kinds of metering, attachment, building survey, minutes, new price analysis and so on.
  • To check the results of the test of all materials needed and to ensure the removal of defective and damaged materials from construction site.
  • Continuously monitor the Contractor’s job security and work safety measures to ensure them to show utmost care in order to minimize any work accident may occur at construction site,
  • According to the contract if the Contractor use subcontractor, consultant is also responsible to finalise the project to minimise construction site accidents as possible and the quality of the construction, production speed and efficiency to obtain the desired quality of work,
  • To ensure  the performance  of, especially all kinds of ready-mixed concrete mix designs and provide to pour it at the desired quality and dose, procurement of the samples and check the results of the tests, provide the protection of the concrete after casting  according  to region properties (hot, cold, frost) according to (irrigation, additives, etc.).
  • To  ensure   appropriate  wiring according to drawings after having all kinds of tests on reinforcement  bars according  to specifications and removal of the defective reinforcement bars from job site.

Design and Construction Phase Services Provided

  • To  provide  administrative  determinations of the situation and the level of ongoing construction, the technical elements of productions made in conjunction with the Contractor to be stepped up, high quality and within the period of completion,
  • Hand  over the  land for construction  on
  • behalf of the Administration,
  • o  provide   Administration  the   contractor work schedules and  cash  flow diagrams  by checking their compliance to specifications and agreements,
  • o check the technical staff if they exist on the job site, make them work, if needed ensure the application of criminal sanctions and to make all kinds of correspondence as specified in Contractor’s agreement,
  • Ensure information transfer for all projects,
  • to make meetings, organize minutes of meetings and forward the results to the parties also make the  necessary coordination to solve all kinds of administrative, technical and legal issues,
  • To do construction, engineering and supervision services (supervision of construction mentioned in the contract according to the rules of science and art),
  • Provide changes in the projects that might be required during the processing of construction such as metering and building survey and ensure that the minutes be transformed according to the latest situation to provide as built projects,
  • Provide the preparation of a comparative discoveries during the production for increase or decrease of productions ranging from mandatory,
  • Ensure As – Built projects (last production) to be done,
  • Completion  of the any lack of preliminary hand over,
  • Make the final accounts,
  • Deal  with  problems   and  complaint   released  during maintenance (defects and  liability period)
  • Completion of the any lack of final hand over
  • To facilitate amendments on existing land or current zoning plan if exists.

All of these services are carried out according to the principles set out in “Special Administrative and Technical Specifications”

Material Approvals

Checking the oversee compliance of materials used  in construction  with official construction contract and the rules and regulations of science and art is a very important subject to be carefully monitored at every stage of consulting services.

Consultancy Services after Construction

  • To  Prepare square meter  schedules of constructions.
  • To ensure getting residential usage licenses,
  • To follow the payment  of fees  related.
  • To make  type revisions,
  • To take  the floor easement deeds on be half of the Administration
  • Ensure to take flat ownership deeds,
  • Following the receipt of documents of tax and social security,
  • To ensure  the preparation of maintenance and operation manuals and periodic maintenance to be done,
  • To provide assessment of any complaints during maintenance period,
  • To ensure  final handing  over the building to the owners at the time determined by the Administration,
  • Ensure  establishment  of  temporary  site board of members by making the elections, and manage within the legislation and relevant laws for the buildings completed and delivered to the owners. Handover all kind of valuable documents with all rights and obligations to the newly elected directors, Solving technical and administrative problems that may arise after settlement,
  • Organize  sales   by  using  sample   apartments and models,
  • Control the  procedures of subscription, operation and acceptance to relevant institutions and organizations, Consulting  in its flaw and responsibility period will continue to be responsible for checking the work, examination and completion of the missing work. Supervision services, in this period, are planned at the appropriate level with the amount of work to be done. Ensure proper execution of the work agreed on and aims to provide removal services in accordance with the lack of any manufacturing defects that may occur later. During this period, any defects encountered are immediately investigated by the Consultant, as a result of the research presented to the Administration and necessary action is taken immediately to remedy the defect. Consulting prepares and submits reports with detailed information about the  arising flaw, errors, defects or deficiencies, their associated costs and the elimination of period to the Administration. At the end of Responsibility Consulting gives a detailed report on all jobs during the same period.

Preliminary and Final Hand Over Procedures

  • Consultant will provide coordination between Administration, Consultant and the Contractor for preliminary and final hand over procedures,
  • Preliminary and final hand over is done  by participation of delegation consist of Administration and consulting company, all documentation is prepared  for preliminary or final hand over. Completion of missing details defined  during preliminary hand over is done to consulting supervision.
  • After the approval of the preliminary hand over minutes by the Administration, final accounts submitted to the Administration examined by Consulting. Administration make  approves  of the final accounts  prior to final hand over.
  • Certain progress payments approved by the Administration will be  prepared in accordance with the  final accounts and  will be  submitted to the Administration simultaneously  with the final hand over.

Business Programme (Work Schedule)

Following the signing  of the contract  10 (ten) calendar days Consultancy Programme of Work the Contractor ‘s administrative building contracts taking into consideration the desired format of directors to prepare a detailed work program and cash  flow diagrams  to be presented. Administration in general, gives enough time by assuming the duration of the work to be ‘n’ days for consulting services also to be completed while making work schedule during contract with Contractor. In this work schedule followings will be taken into consideration;

Consulting services in this scope are;

I.     Consulting services during construction,

  • Housing construction,
  • Social  facility building  constructions (Trade Centre, School,  Mosque, Hospital, Community Centre, Service Support Facility etc.)
  • Infrastructure  and landscaping works of construction area,
  • General infrastructure works.

II. Consultancy services after construction are planned to be;

  • Preliminary hand-over,
  • Final Account,
  • Flat delivery,
  • Settlement report,
  • Land Registry,
  • Final hand-over,

Management plans for sites and delivery, Consulting, in accordance with the work program creates the organizational structure. Consulting make all the staff within the organizational scheme in charge for consultancy services during construction.

Consulting has to make enough staff for the postconstruction consultancy services which are summarised as;

  • Preliminary hand-over,
  • Final hand-over,
  • Final account,
  • Delivery of flats
  • Settlement reports and
  • Registration of flats and take the deeds.

3.7  Organizational Structure

Number of technical staff to is determined the according to the nature of the work to be done by Administration Control Superiors and under their control.

In the organizational structure services mainly managed from the worksites. However Consulting at head  office provides  as well as all the necessary administrative support, technical support and logistics support services.

These services include particularly in support of follow-up of project management, data processing and modern communication tools to ensure a continuous supply of information. This kind of sup port from these  units are planned to provide office personnel site specific and situation-specific advice, if necessary, to organize tailored responsibilities and the realization of the tasks required for the preparation and follow-up cases for experts.

Necessary technical team created in Consulting’s organizational structure for a successful implementation of the project, In the organizational chart team created according to task groups, project management and related subdivisions.

Task distribution diagram in Organization, is carried out to ensure the implementation of appropriate technical and reliable methods for the project. In this organizational structure, Project Management Program is created  as  defined   in the project.

Assigned responsible manager  (project manager) will be responsible for managing the entire project in order to provide high-quality service and effective way of coordination between the Administration, the Contractor and the Consultant. Control Supervisor will be responsible for monitoring production, technical inspection and reporting by using standard forms of daily production done by his staff for all works during construction. Construction-related productions are intended to comply with the rules of technical, science and art and all the positive suggestions. Quality Control Engineer ensures that selection of all materials and  workmanship  comply  with technical  specifications, contracts and national and / or international standards.

In addition to supervise the works and productions at site he also supervises office work and progress of the work site in accordance with the work program and checks daily, weekly, monthly and other progress reports and if any provides updates.

Consulting’s organizational structure; proper execution of the work program and control the supply of jobs and high-performance standard of conduct is created in such a way that the capture of Ensuring coordination between the Administration and the Contractor with their own team members.

Landscape architectural services  in accordance with the work program are carried out by assigning an experienced landscape architect for landscaping and for the landscaping construction works.

Administrative and Technical Staff Job Description

Technical Support Services are carried out in our Central Project Manager office in Ankara and Supervision is carried out through the control supervisor.

Staff for technical support and Supervision services  is need  to be  assigned from qualified and experienced engineers. Information and documents for Project personnel will take part in the production of services  are archived in the office of human resources.

  • Reporting Techniques
Reporting Techniques

Inception Report

Consultant offers work program with an initial report for all construction project to the Administration following the signing of the contract.

Weekly Job Progress Report

Consulting provides report to the Administration in accordance with the work program and cash flow diagram of the manufacturing status of the weekly format including the percentage of progress required by the Supervisor Consulting firm, taking every precaution with Administration and the Contractor provides the completion of the work, if there are discrepancies in the work programme and in the case of any delay

Monthly Work Progress Report

Advisor shall submit a report on the progress of the work on each calendar month supported by tables and photographs to the Administration for the period of the operations, and an acceptable work progress report prepared on monthly basis. In this report,

  • Progress of the Works,
  • Level of construction,
  • The percentage of physical realization,
  • The minutes that productions started,
  • Daily site registration,
  • Minutes for monthly period,
  • Examples of correspondence with thecontractor and the administration,
  • Estimated percentage progress for the next month,
  • Documents for selection of the materials to be used with the technical eligibility and carefully,
  • Construction quality,
  • Compliance of works with the work program,
  • The scope of works completed,
  • If there is any delay of work and the causes of delay a report is prepared by giving the details of other emerging issues related to activities. Confirmatory information together with the documents included in this report.

In the report, scheduled and actual work performed till that time with an indication of the percentage of all jobs, as well as a financial status report will also be added

In the report, tested materials, equipment and facility records, copies of the test results are presented along with test. Precautions will be submitted for poor cases of test results are specified. In the report, credentials to work in conjunction with each of the separate productions put 13 x 18 construction photos.

In the report also, administrative issues related to the control at construction sites and contractors, if any, personnel changes, issues and developments related to public institutions and administrative issues arising out of them also indicated.

Quarterly Work Progress Reports

Consulting, during construction, prepares theprogress report for general works every threemonths and submits to the Administration. Thisreport should be at the same content of the reportas monthly and weekly and contain all kinds of detailsand examples.

Six-Month Period Reports

Contain comprehensive information of allmonthly reports about the work progress and thepercentage of constructions, cash flow diagrams,all kinds of technical and administrative developments,minutes of meetings, material selections,contractors and related third parties, correspondence,minutes of meetings related to any governmentor contractor, building all kinds of scenephotos showing the construction phase, all thedocuments and the documents requested by theContracting Authority under the contract.

The Contractor and the Consultant Progress Reports

Contractors’ monthly work progress status,cash flows, monthly progress reports of theirmanufacturing based on the percentage in accordancewith the work program is prepared.

Weekly and Monthly Meeting Minutes Reports

Meetings, with the start of the contract, the Administrationand authorized representatives of theConsultant, the Contractor shall from time to timeby the Supervisor with the participation of representativesof the competent consultant at the request ofintervals to be determined by assessment of the situationby making meetings and the work of the outcomeand make decisions to resolve the problems.

Consultant Project Manager, Coordinator, Consultantrelating to the contract with its own stafftraining in domestic service on certain days ofeach month, manufacturing techniques, equipmentselection and use, construction, manufacturingprogress, the Contractor and the Supervisorstatus of relations with members, organizes meetingson this and similar problems.

Control Supervisors with their own employees and contractor technical responsible for theconstruction, manufacturing and problems, thesolution to the problems and suggestions aboutthe weekly meetings by managers responsiblefor notifying the responsible manager’s monthlymeetings with heads of control solution to theseproblems and proposals within the framework ofthe contract and share with Administration.

Reports Related to technical problems during Exceptional Circumstances

In addition, Consultant prepares reports for thesolution of important technical prob-lems encounteredand makes research about the problemsfaced and solution methods.

Completion Reports and the Final Report

Consulting submits a completion report for the entireproject to the Administration at the end of the work.

This report shows separate units of all the stagesof the entire project and creden-tials along withvideo film and a photo album.

This report shall be prepared to include assessmentof the work contract, evaluation of materialsand technology used and the Consultant’scomments and suggestions.

Completion report will include preliminary handoverand the lack of information on it and office delivery,inventory the minutes of goods on delivery.

A “Final Report” prepared to include the shortcomingsof Final Hand-over, taking into accountthe changes made including the thoughts of Administration,submitted to the Administration.

  • Project Controlling
Project Controlling
  • Project organization, documentation,
  • Create and control the business schedule,
  • Cost planning and control, financial resourcesplanning,

Quality planning, design / drawing requirements,As an independent auditor of the project, weprovide funding on behalf of the investor in accordancewith the bank, delivery of building andcommissioning of it to fit;

  • Accepted standards of quality,
  • Accepted business schedule,
  • The agreed budget,

We serve as an active partner in competent forall project participants. We utilize our experience,technical knowledge (know-how) and ability tomanage construction projects.

Continuously analyze the quality of the workdone during the design and implementation ofthe work program and budget in accordance withthe production and work by monitoring deviationsfrom the target as a result of the negotiations andwe recommend the customer effective countermeasuresto be implemented.

  • Quality Management
Quality Management

Quality control must start with the designphase. Consulting shall advice on the iden-tificationof the land and determination of thequality framework for space requirements.Cooperation with designers ensures the useof economically reasonable and ecologicallysound construction materials and constructionmethods.

Design documents and their suitability interms of metering data quality requirements iscontrolled. Quality assurance measures duringthe construction phase are also an instant checks,acceptance procedures of coordination ofstructures and to work with employers to participatein the event include controls work for thedetection of possible defects.

In detail, our services include the following:

Spatial Efficiency

  • Advice on the economic approach forsecondary spaces and the design of installationfields,
  • Control the characteristic values for theprescribed design recommendations and enhancedparticulars about the space.

Space Requirements and Equipment Standards

  • To make recommendations to the customerto identify area / space requirements,
  • To make recommendations on technicaland economic context to the customer during creationof quality framework,
  • Make the general definition of quality standardsto deal with customers and others in the designprocess.

Monitoring of Design Development Phase

  • Control the design development phase(spot site checks, reasonableness) to ensurecompliance of construction, technical installationsand outdoor facilities with quality requirements.

Monitoring stages of the tender and the Determination of Contractor

  • Control the metering sheet (spot site checks,reasonableness) to ensure compliance ofconstruction, technical installations and outdoorfacilities with quality requirements.
  • Participate to evaluation of special tenders.

Spot Quality Control of the Field at each Construction Phase

  • Site inspections shall be held once everytwo weeks on average during the constructionperiod. These inspections include spot checks ofplans in accordance with the overall quality controlof the construction process and assembly processof materials and products in the Bill of Quantitiescompliance to equipment specification andmetering sheet. Identification of noncomplianceof any application will be immediately reported tothe Construction management
  • Site Inspection Services
Site Inspection Services

Consulting field application engineers performsfield trips periodically and checks the suitabilityof approved projects. Field inspection coversthe following services:

  • Set up an office on site,
  • Controls constructions in case of approvalsand permits and if the project is conducted inaccordance with the application drawings, projectspecifications, generally accepted technical rules(standards) and the regulations.
  • Supervising the construction of supportstructures,
  • To coordinate the supervision of the operationof the experts during application,
  • To revise all existing drawings (Concept,Basic, Final and detail drawings)
  • To control the execution of the works onsite,
  • To follow up permits which will be gottenfrom local authorities,
  • To control local / regional suppliers andperform quality controls of the manufacturing inplace,
  • To oversee materials used in constructioncompliance with the contract,
  • To perform compliance to the end date ofthe contract and supervise the controls of construction,
  • Control the progress payment reports andpayments,
  • Keep diary for site and construction,
  • apply / enforce fines and other penalties inaccordance with the terms and conditions of theconstruction contract,
  • Perform quality control on site and checkthe materials and subcontractors,
  • To perform safety checks on site,
  • To prepare the program of work schedule(bar chart), to follow the progress of the workaccording to this chart and submit reports to theAdministration to make progress payments,
  • to make approval and acceptance proceduresof works with other experts in both phasesof project design and project supervision; to detectflaws,
  • To check the bills and claims,
  • Find cost in accordance with the realcosts,
  • To make applications for formal approvalsto related government agencies, to assist with theprocedures required for approval,
  • To obtain Required documentation, operatinginstructions and test certificates and hand-overof the project,
  • Make a list of the warranty period,
  • To follow corrective actions carried outon shortcomings identified during inspections ofhand-over and perform a physical examination ofthe project in order to identify deficiencies,
  • Ensure cost control by comparing contractorcompanies’ accounts, contract prices andexploration cost,
  • Create a payment schedule, superviseand update,
  • To prepare, supervise and update the detailedtime, cost, and capacity charts,
  • To act as responsible site manager,
  • Ensure safety in construction site,
  • To prepare internet based communicationplatform for project.

In detail, the following services are provided:

Compiling the Project Configuration and Project Organization

  • Considering existing projects organizationto integrate and to define an adequate project organizationto include site specific conditions andlocal requirements,
  • Discussion of potential claims related tothe organization or organizational changes,
  • Create a control network for control andquality assurance, including the members of theAdministration have joined the convention,
  • To adapt the control network to projectcontrol system and to Management System, createdthere,
  • Preparation and updating of project participantslists for subprojects and the overall projectson site,
  • To support Administration by updating theappropriate design and construction applicationmodel,
  • To participate in the identification of themain principles of application of the above mentionedmodel (planning, contracting and executionof construction work) during the update process,
  • To participate in the creation of computingthe process of proposals, In accordance with thedefinitions of work flow diagrams and selectedprocesses (billing procedures, procedures forchange),
  • Systematic information on the constructionsite (meeting rules, reporting),
  • Definition of planning and decision making procedures on the construction site,
  • To prepare a document as organizationhandbook, digitize it, to provide online accesswithin the Project Communications ManagementSystem and update it as required.

General Coordination and Control

  • The realization of high-level coordinationmeetings on site on a regular basis,
  • To coordinate the activities’ review of thegeneral planners, get ready on the basis of eachproject, carry out interviews and submit a writtenreport on the results, and to make site meetingson a regular basis for this purpose,
  • To ensure the flow of information regularlyby regular monthly project reports and updated finalreports,
  • Control the generated planning and decision-making procedures,
  • Supervision of compliance with predefined processes and structures,

Change Management

To prepare the documents by using necessarycompetent configuration and the different managementtools.

Decision-Making Process Management

If there is a deviation from the contract with documentedguidelines, solve it as soon as possibleand to propose an alternative and a report detailedin all possible way will be prepared and theresults will presented to the decision-making,

  • To participate in decision-making meeting,
  • Participate in the development of problematictasks and to be involved in troubleshootingstages of the solution development process.

Certification of Important decisions

  • Ensure to document of general planner onsite all decisions related to the work area problemsencountered,
  • To report defined standards and deviationsfrom developed principles based on the contract.
  • Cost Control
Cost Control

Inspection of the Designers in theField and Sub-Consultants Services

  • Supervision of design services in according to the service compliance conditions,
  • To examine fees or bills for designers services provided on site and to review payment plans one by one.

Supervision of Contract Jobs and Payments, Cost Control

  • To monitor the compliance with recordsthrough the ongoing cost control program, thecosts of the services provided under the contractservices, check by comparing the amountsof the payments made by the invoices submitted,
  • Updating of cost documentation on a dailybasis in order to make cost tracking.• To make the cost definitions of the servicesprovided at construction site.
  • To monitor and control cost changes dueto as the employer requirements change.


Give an opinion in case of on existing of the risks and serious distortions of objectives of the project and report monthly the status of project cost of each of the projects by including all costs,

Site Inspection and Monitoring the Work Program

To provide a general program of work dependingon the frame work program separately foreach project including to design, design reviewprocedures, follow the tender, contract award andimplementation stages of construction work.In terms of planning and control of the programof work, planning procedures, authorizationprocedures, employers’ decisions to tender andthe tender decision on the conclusion, making theapplication requirements and cross correlationare taken into consideration in relation to logistics.The results are detailed in the work schedule.Emerged in terms of the overall situation, in thecurriculum of the program of work and business processeswill need to be monitored more closely on site.By control, especially construction servicesby performing checks on conformity to the workprogram, deviations can be recognized in time and compensatory measures may be decided.Close cooperation with the designer, allowingthe creation of a strong control network, and thenetwork must be updated continuously.

Supervision of Design and Tender

  • Allowing an effective management andcontrol of project based work program flow of abusiness plan for the overall development,
  • To harmonize and synchronize generalwork flow plans with frame work program,
  • Control of each of the project’s design andprocurement processes included in overall businesscalendar,
  • The realization and reporting of the meetingsof the business plan review and the constructionquality assurance management and control,for each project,
  • Interface Analysis,
  • Configuration of overall work flow plan interms of important interfaces for each project,
  • Preparation and updating of the reportingprocess calendars separately for each project,
  • To perform control procedures planningfor all the results presented,
  • The most important detail to be able toidentify the error within a short time as a review ofactive processes (detail drawings of specimens),
  • To perform ,on a regular basis, the target/ rate comparisons recorded on the basis of theresults obtained from construction site,
  • Coordinate and start compensation for thepossible opportunities to formulate and presentthe results in the event of deviations,
  • Preparation of fundamental principles to aset required to the framework of the work schedule,

Application Control

  • To create a business plan for each project,report and follow up the realization of meetings,
  • Control the construction sequence,
  • In the event of deviations, the formulationof the possible consequences of these and at thesame time provide opportunities for compensation,coordinating and initiating,
  • To make recommendations on control measuresto be applied and perform the coordinationof the implementation of the measures decided,
  • To make investigations on availability / appropriatenesson the detailed business plan ,separatelyfor each project under construction, forthe control of applicability,
  • Review of recorded and submitted resultsduring regular site inspections,
  • Review actively the important detail processesto be able to identify the error within ashort time,
  • To make a regular target / perform ratecomparisons on the basis of the results recordedon the construction site.


  • To develop a unified planning and service report separately for each project,
  • Give opinion if there are risks and serious distortions of the project objectives and submit a report on a monthly basis the status of each individual project.

Site Quality Management

In addition to quality assurance stages of thedesign process, mentioned quality assurance procedures must be implemented within the scopeof the design work. In order to place a definedquality, an appropriate quality control systemshould be developed in cooperation with designers.Business plans and specifications are reviewedfor suitability for the quality specifications required to attend.

To ensure that only approved and economicaluse of building materials ve the values of tolerancein relation to the quality of building materialsand construction must ensure compliance withthe required conditions is vital to implementationof quality assurance during the review period.

Quality Scale

  • To do exact job descriptions for the examinationof problematic situations,
  • Development of a general binding reviewof systematic to ensure the placement of consistentand current standards,
  • Certification of general quality standards incoordination with the Contractor and the generaldesigner,
  • To promote review of construction site activitiesbook and updating as a measure of the qualityassurance.

Design Supervision

  • In addition to designer’s activities and / orwork item auditors, review of building construction,mechanical, electrical equipment and outdoorfacilities and their appropriateness to quality specifications,,
  • To participate in the elaboration phase deviationsand control the integration all of the partiesto prepare the possible compensation measures,
  • Preparation of documents for decision-making.

Control of Tender Organization and Tender Completion

  • In addition to designer activities and / or work item auditors, review the appropriateness ofbuilding construction, mechanical, electrical equipmentand outdoor facilities to service specificationsseparately for each project,
  • If there are deviations from the catch-up process to participate in the evaluation of measures,
  • Participation in the evaluation of privateproposals.

Quality Control for Construction Application

  • To perform quality control of constructionpractices in accordance with the flow of plannedconstruction work by regular controls of the constructionsite
  • Appropriateness / reasonableness andquality control of materials and products used incompliance with the requirements.

Final Supervision Consultancy

  • Coordinate Identification of shortcomings,elimination of the defect identified and the finalinspection procedure,
  • To participate in worksite inspections toidentify the major technical deficiencies,
  • Coordination of material supply, permitsand revision of documents,
  • Provide warranty periods listed in.


To report on a monthly basis on projectstatus for each project if there are risks to the projectand If there are serious distortions of the projectobjectives.

Project Communications Management

It is necessary to create a web based communicationplatform for communication planning andimplementation between designers and points inthe project implementation such as exchange ofdesign, correction plan, tender documents, reports,etc.

Building Construction Inspection

  • To coordinate the operation of experts takenrole in the application supervision,
  • To watch the details of pre-assembled components,
  • To oversee Materials used in constructioncompliance with the contract,
  • Check the reports and progress payment,
  • Apply / enforce fines and other penalties inaccordance with Construction terms and conditionsof the contract,
  • If necessary apply fines and / or other penaltysanctions in accordance with the program ofwork and material items mentioned in the contractto the contractor in respect of company paymentsthrough progress payment,
  • To prepare a progress chart to follow theprogress of construction (bar graph),
  • To keep building / construction diary,
  • To perform measurements in conjunctionwith the construction work contractor,
  • To make approval and acceptance proceduresand to determine defects of the constructionworks together with the other experts who takenrole in both phases of project design and project,
  • To check the bills and claims,
  • Find cost in accordance with the cost regulations,
  • To make formal applications for approvalsto related government agencies, to assist with theprocedures required for approval,
  • Transfer and delivery of the project with allrequired documentation, operating instructionsand test certificates,
  • To make a list of the warranty period,
  • To follow the corrective actions carried outon shortcomings identified during acceptanceinspections and to perform the physical control ofthe project in order to determine deficiencies,
  • Ensure cost control by comparing thecontract prices and exploration cost with the accountsof contractor companies,,
  • Create a payment schedule, superviseand update,
  • To prepare, check and update the detailedtime, cost, and capacity charts,
  • Ensure safety in construction site.
  • Tender Documentation And Tender Evaluation
Tender Documentation And Tender Evaluation

Contract Preparation and Negotiation

  • To make recommendations on the appropriatetender and contractual arrangements bytaking into account the available information obtainedfrom members of the design team and thecustomer’s priorities,
  • To advise on insurance liabilities under thecontract Including the establishment of contactwith insurance consultants of the customer,
  • To make recommendations about relatedissues of guarantees / warranties, if it is mentionedin the contract,
  • To provide advice on the main companyguarantees,
  • Advice on performance bond or other guaranteewill take place under the contract which tobe signed between the Contractor, sub-contractor and funding/ customer.
  • To prepare tender and contract documentswith other members of the design team toinclude the following items:o Prefaces based on the all specifications,including application specifications preparedby others,o Design specifications and tender documents,manage, and prepare,o Agreement of the project procedures manual
  • To check arithmetical accuracy of the calculations,pricing levels, pricing policies etc, fromoffers received
  • Provide opinions to errors and competencesin tenders and, where appropriate, to discussrelated issues with the project team,
  • if necessary, to prepare the necessary documentationfor adaptation of a reasonable contractprice included in taken offer,
  • To review cost estimate of proposals receivedby the previously prepared and to reviseestimates of fluctuations and cash flow,
  • To prepare reports on the proposals withother parties,
  • To prepare the draft of a letter of intent,
  • To prepare the necessary contract formsincluding agreements, upon tender; to get thecontract drawings from the other members of thedesign team, to prepare marked copies of all contractdocuments properly and to present both sides
  • Contract Administration & Construction Management
Contract Administration & Construction Management

Contract Administration Procedures

  • To assist in the preparation of the mainconstruction contract / contracts taking into accountthe customer’s preferences, to follow consultantsduring the creation and Preparation oftender documents and to check whether accordancewith the format and content of the contractand the required level of cost certainty,
  • To provide feedback and assist the customerin making arrangement for separate contractsif they are related to the main contract / contractsfor every kind of work carried out,
  • To coordinate the consultants for flow of information to Contractors on time and to clientproject managers in accordance with the provisionof program,
  • To check tasking of consultants whetheror not they perform adequate inspection in accordancewith the terms and conditions of the site ona regular basis ,
  • To check if changes in documentationand instructions edited and properly distributed ornot and to ensure the changes match the adoptedparameters,
  • To follow work of construction and constructioncontract for compliance with construction program,
  • To check the Contractor’s or any otherinterested party have all design permissions, buildingapprovals and other necessary approvalsand permits and also necessary copies of suchpermits and approvals or not,
  • To follow the activities of the Contractorand subcontractors related to operating levels,productivity, allocation and use of facilities, harshclimate, and other business factors, the effects ofdisruptive and even similar issues,
  • To report real or any form of probability delayand cost increase, to prevent such delay orcost increases and provide feedback to customerto minimize matters,
  • Assessing extension of time and edit appropriatedocuments,
  • To ensure elimination of deficiencies andproper publication of the relevant documents forwork completion,
  • To coordinate lists of all deficiencies andelimination of defects during the period of deficienciesliability,
  • To follow the progress of repair and reconstructionand correction of deficiencies duringthe defects liability period,
  • To ensure the organization of guaranteesof contractors, suppliers and manufacturers
  • Building Commissioning
Building Commissioning

Guidance, Control and Supervision

  • Organize the user presentations and trainingsfor customer management team,
  • To coordinate the transfer-hand over progressand make sure that all the appropriate inspectionsand examinations are done upon completionof the work,
  • To coordinate the main contractor to putthe mechanical and electrical services into operationand keep records of all commissioning,
  • To establish contact with customer / representatives/ advisors and contractors and provideto prepare consultants drawings, maintenanceinformation to be passed to the customer’s projectmanager, maintenance manuals, test certificates,warranties, operating instructions, “as built”drawings and “as installed” diagrams,
  • Create and manage the necessary proceduresfor the sample inspection and sam-ple witnessing,

Planning and Programming

  • To save the main activities and prepareand sustain a main program to identify critical dates.Verify and integrate the contractor’s program used to prepare the necessary details of the designinformation to meet the strategic methods,
  • To coordinate the programs prepared byothers covering activities of design, construction,planning, permissions, user rights and financialactivities of all stages of the project from the beginningof the work to the completion,
  • To identify methods and outcomes of specificproject belong to all stages,
  • To follow regularly the compliance with theprogram and prepare reports to summarize theprogress made and the design activity after thelast report,
  • To control the necessary applicationshave been carried out in accordance with themain program for the receipt of legal permits andthird party approvals,
  • To inform the customer about the changesin the program and to inform opinion and adviseabout the appropriate precautions. To receive authorizationto initiate appropriate action for remaking of the project according to schedule,
  • To control contractor’s programs togetherwith design consultants; if necessary, request thedisclosure of the program offers of contractor andintegrate these offers with the master program.

Cost Control

  • Evaluation of the variables,
  • To prepare cost reports according to thirdparties need in a form acceptable by creating copiesof them at agreed dates on a monthly basis,
  • Cost reports shall take into account the followingaspects:
    • To follow all details provided by the designteam and other parties involved in the projecton behalf of the Client and if exist, provide opinionabout the impact of such information onthe approved cost plan,
    • To prepare related cost controls of informationprovided about design and developmentbefore adjustment according to the termsof contract,
    • To make “early warning” recommendationson issues that may affect project budget orschedule together with members of the projectteam,
    • To publish instructions about all kinds ofissues with a financial size arising from the meetings,site visits and correspondences,
    • Changes in legislation
    • Possible effects on the cost caused of designand / or specification changes,
    • Effects on cost due to delays, extension ofperiod, acceleration, or blocking,
    • Monitor the impact of daily work, officialtime elongation and site instructions on thecost and to manage, in case of instructed, theeffects of losses and expenses according tothe design or the demand for acceleration mayhave on cost and also manage the contractorsand their subcontractors
    • Reevaluation of fluctuations in labour andmaterial expenseso Cash flow regulation and measurement ofcontract progress payment

Interim Payment

  • Prepare documents for interim paymentsto contractor, sub-contractors and suppli-ers takinginto account the following aspects:
    • The work done
    • Amendments
    • Number of worked days
    • Materials on the construction site
    • Non-site material
    • Fluctuations
  • To report, if instructed by the engineer orarchitect, payments in the event of loss and expenseor special payments,,
  • To control and report VAT applicationsand, where appropriate, reach agreement with thedesign and administration manager,

Financial Account

  • The realization of the preparation of the finalaccounts and account closing negotiations,
  • Feedback on the results of delays, requestsfor extension of the contract period or businessacceleration or prevention if requested, andto decide their financial impact
  • In case of instruction, to evaluate theamount of payments caused with direct lossesand expenses and approved additional paymentson other matters and, if appropriate to discusssettlement transactions with contractor
  • Costs related to the complex claims to becompensated based on the time,
  • To help in the preparation of a special form of any contract related to completion of the projectand settle up on the account,
  • The preparation and adoption of the finalaccounts to include the following points;
    • Measurement and valuation of the permittedchanges,
    • Deciding on the amounts to be billed onthe basis of labor.
    • To determine the amount of the debt toSpecialist subcontractors and suppliers,
    • Calculation of the rights and responsibilitiesof subcontractors and suppliers againstfluctuations,
    • Calculation of the rights and responsibilitiesof the employer on concrete and definitelosses.